Google AdWords account creation and management

We offer Google AdWords account creation and administration.

Google AdWords - promotional ads that appear on Google search results at the top or the bottom. It depends on advertisers selected search words or phrases. Google AdWords service helps you attract new customers, retain existing ones and increase sales. All campaigns will reflect the image of your company and your ads will appear to the target group for optimized results. Order Google AdWords service through us, and together we’ll perform internal SEO , so you will not need to invest further and more quickly be able to reach higher positions in search engines. Invest money wisely - Use effective advertising and be the first among Google search results!


reklama interneteWe offer:

  • Site survey.
  • Organic search study.
  • Competitor study.
  • Analytics connection.
  • Google Adwords account analysis.
  • Keyword research. (Keyword selection according to performance, cost per click and conversion probability.)
  • Target groups study. (Your ads will only appear to your target group. Only potential customers will see the ads and so we will have a successful outcome.)
  • Ad Writing (in agreement with you).
  • Development of Google Adwords , GDN and Remarketing.
  • Creates GDN Banners (additional cost depending on the number of banner ads.)
  • Development of ad extensions (can displayed phone number, address or other relevant information in addition to the ad).
  • Remarketing lists are created and collects customer / visitor data.
  • Cost-per-click setting.
  • Account budget setting according to the results of the first month, and your preferences.
  • All campaigns will reflect the company's image.
  • Account creation and management takes 1-3 weeks.